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At Happier Being, we strongly believe that every human being, regardless of circumstance, can become a happier being! Optimizing happiness is the birth right of every person around the globe. Our goal is to increase individual and community happiness by sharing the scientifically proven methods of what makes you flourish, and then giving you the psychological tools to do so. The ripple effect of happier people, ultimately, means a happier planet.


Individual / Online

Dr. Tal’s individual, online therapy sessions are designed to help you further develop your positive emotions, meaningful experiences, and character traits. Her ultimate goal is to give you the tools to decrease pain, anxiety or any level of depression, while increasing pleasure, enhancing personal growth, and becoming a happier being.

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Dr. Tal and her team host intimate, intensive workshops on happiness basics, stress reduction, and chronic pain management. Workshops are a great way to meet, connect, and inspire others on a similar flourishing journey. Together, you will learn how to manage your mindset in order to increase meaning and purpose in your life.

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Haley Z

“Dr. Tal’s ‘happier being’ philosophy has really helped increase my positive outlook on life. As someone who suffers from chronic pain, I also suffer from depression, and she’s taught me how to work through it. I now have an arsenal of techniques to help me cope. I don’t know what I’d do without her!” – Haley Z

Anna T

“The best part of working with Dr. Tal is her straightforward, interactive approach. Our sessions feel like a meaningful conversation, and I find myself cracking a smile often. Humor is a big part of her approach.” – Anna T

David B

“Dr. Tal is the best! Before therapy, I was a complete stress-ball. As an overworked and underpaid millennial, I was anxious, on the brink of burnout, and too tired to make time for myself. But Dr. Tal helped me hold my well-being to a higher standard. Her knowledge in the mindfulness space is also remarkable! She was great to work with.” – David B. (client)

Melissa L

“What’s great about Dr. Tal is that she really cares about her clients! There have been multiple times when I desperately needed her last minute and she always came through. It feels like that’s rarely the case anymore in the healthcare space.” – Melissa L. (client) 

Jasmine C

“I’ve been dealing with major anxiety issues since I was a teenager, particularly performance anxiety. Since starting with Dr. Tal, I’ve gained insights and a handful of useful exercises to help calm my nerves, and better focus. It’s helped me tremendously in my new job where I have to make quarterly presentations.” – Jasmine C. (client) 

Victoria K

“Dr. Tal always brings great energy into the room. Her workshops on chronic pain were emotionally releasing. I left feeling stronger about my ability to cope both mentally and physically. She has a ton of knowledge on fitness, including nutrition and exercise, and the tiny habits built around it all certainly elevated my daily energy.” – Victoria K. (client)

Leigh W

“One of the first things Dr. Tal said to me was that our work together wasn’t going to be easy, but that it would be worth it. She was right: our sessions were both challenging and rewarding. She pushed me to think differently about my personal relationships, and I enjoyed her candid approach. I can honestly say that I’ve improved greatly in a short period of time, and I’ve seen many different therapists in the past. I’m very grateful for Dr. Tal!” – Leigh W. (patient) 

Samir M

“I have always struggled with perfectionism. I didn’t realize how much it was taking away from my life until Dr. Tal, and we’ve been working on my mindset ever since. So many more great things to say about her, but as I practice being a “recovered perfectionist” I will just summarize: She’s a really unique and dedicated psychologist.” – Samir M. (client)

Ariel H

“My sessions with Dr. Tal have really opened me up. It’s difficult to unpack the past sometimes, but I always feel engaged as opposed to overly analyzed. I find that really comforting when having to be vulnerable. – Ariel H. (client)