Happier Being:
Your Path to Optimizing Habits, Health & Happiness

Why am I not happier? What does well-being truly feel like? Can I learn how to be a happier person? The answer is a resounding YES! No matter your circumstance, you can learn to become happier by optimizing how you think, feel, and behave every day. Through the latest research, client success stories, and a bit of humor, this book will give you the formula for greater happiness and success in life! So go ahead, unlock your full potential with each page, live more, and flourish into a healthier, Happier Being™!

 3-Things Gratitude Journal for Mindfulness

“3-Things Gratitude Journal for Mindfulness: A Year of Zen with Weekly Buddhist Quotes” is a beautiful, and simple daily gratitude journal! The 365-day journal is meant to help you give thanks everyday and become more grateful, as well as practice mindfulness, reflection, and feel a sense of positivity and happiness as you complete each day. As a mental health expert, I’ve seen the healing power of gratitude journaling as a part of one’s self-care routine, and always recommend it to my clients.

Finding Joy Among the Chaos

“Finding Joy Among the Chaos” is an adult coloring and word search book for relaxation, mindfulness, and happiness. Each coloring page contains hidden, scrambled words among the doodles – unscramble the words, unscramble the chaos in your mind! The handmade book, drawn pen-to-paper by Dr. Tal’s oldest daughter, Shani Leead, is meant to help you both de-stress and feel a sense of accomplishment as you solve a fun game filled with positive messages.


Reduce Your Stress: 7 Habits to Lead a Happier Life