Why Awe Should be Part of Your Emotional Life

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Greetings Earthlings! I recently had the incredible privilege of touring NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). The best way to describe the experience is awe-inspiring. From robotic technology to the Mars missions…I can’t even begin to describe how impressed I was. I left there that day feeling so proud of the smart people doing this work, of NASA, of the power of human curiosity and thirst for knowledge…I was hopeful and excited for the discoveries we have yet to make thanks to their efforts. And I realized this is why awe is so important. So let’s get into it…

Why Awe is Important for Humans

First, let’s briefly touch on what awe is exactly. Awe is an intense, profound, and overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, or fear mixed with wonder. It can be triggered by encountering something that is grand, beautiful, or beyond our understanding. 
Experiencing awe often leads to a sense of humility and a deep appreciation for the world around us. Research has shown that awe can have various positive effects on individuals, including promoting feelings of connectedness, enhancing overall well-being, and fostering a broader perspective on life. Awe also stimulates curiosity and wonder, motivating us to be more creative and innovative. It propels us to dream big. I mean if not for awe, we might never have started searching for life on Mars! And if not for awe, we wouldn’t be so enamored by UFOs (today more than ever!). Lastly, awe has the power to make us more collectivistic. In fact, it’s likely that awe exists for that purpose exactly. When we experience awe, we are more likely to view ourselves as part of a group. In one study, researchers found that people were more likely to identify as part of a group when looking at a replica of T. rex. In another, people were more likely to help someone in need after experiencing a moment of awe. In essence, awe brings out kinder, less narcissistic, and more positive traits in individuals. Imagine if we all prioritized awe in our lives more often? Imagine the potential for us and our future generations? Imagine the places we can go, people we can heal, and time we can spend as happier beings? Ok, clearly, awe has done its number on me. So now, it’s your turn. What stories of awe have you experienced recently? What will you do next?

Next Steps for Happier Beings

  1. Make a plan once a week to go do something that will inspire awe. You can be intentional and focus on the “aweness” of everyday things all around you.  Here are some ways to generate more awe in your life:
    • Go for a walk in your neighborhood or city to appreciate aspects of nature, like trees, or the impressive scale of the buildings and unique architecture.
    • Attend a live music or theater show.
    • Walk through an art gallery or museum and really take your time with each exhibit.
    • Get inspired by someone else’s determination to improve, triumph, or build something (maybe a friend who is building a tree house or your old neighbor who continues to go on daily walks despite her chronic pain, or a family member who is working on a unique project).
    • Plan a camping trip and look up at the night sky to see just a glimpse of that vast universe from your one tiny spot within it.
  2. Take breaks from your smartphone so you don’t miss serendipitous moments of awe in the world in front of you. You can also decide to spend more of your attention on online content that is more likely to get those goosebumps going…like art, nature, inspiration videos etc rather than the other junk that clogs up your social feeds or email inboxes.
  3. Get out of your comfort zone. Say yes more often to experiences or opportunities that you wouldn’t normally do. When we put ourselves in novel situations, we are more likely to experience awe.
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